The Unspoilt Works, Vol.2

Limited Edition (digital) available on bandcamp, featuring 2 extra tracks.

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Normal edition available everywhere else (Spotify, etc):

volume two: random samples and jazz injections

As a continuation of last year’s „The Unspoilt Works Vol. 1: Post Ambient Excursions“, Volume 2 gathers tracks you might recognize from recent HHNOI live concerts („ae18“ and „Iteracion Zen12“) as well as a handful of unreleased recordings that were initially planned to be a new side project / spiritual tribute to early 1990s Ninja Tunes / Downbeat Jazz / Breakbeat / IDM releases … listen to „Stratagemma“, „Howls“ and most of all „Not Twins“ after checking out music from that era, and you’ll get the idea (I’d recommend the „Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion“ compilation from 1998 as a starting point). 

As I’m finding myself in a rather dark, droney and distorted musical headspace right now, I don’t have the creative energy to start a new project or to make another confusing and exhausting album like „Dear Future“. Nevertheless I’d love people to explore and enjoy these energetic, uplifting and atypically danceable recordings. They might be substantially different from what you would consider your typical HHNOI melancholy, but trust me, they still share the same emotional DNA. 

The Bandcamp-Version of this release features an exclusive bonus track (“Samarqand (22redit)”) which was originally released on vinyl only. Also included are some loops that were the inspirational building blocks for these tracks. 

As I don’t want these tracks and ideas to end up in some „forgettaboutit“-folder, I think it the „Unspoilt“-Series might be the right platform to release them without any guilt or awkward feelings. (Also, from my point of view this is summer music … and it’s the joyful post lockdown summer of 2022, so here’s your non conformist soundtrack!) 


About the series: „The Unspoilt Works“ is a way to gather tracks, ideas, songs that don’t make it into true form HHNOI releases – might it be because they do not fit into an overall dramatic or sonic concept or because they are too far away from the typical HHNOI style. What you’ll hear on these releases is literally unspoiled: Music that was aimlessly recorded, made in moments of unguided creativity, not being altered, edited, reworked or rearranged in any way to fit into an overall frame. It’s rough, pure, experimental, post ambient, drama, noise and whatever genre I’m digging right now. Please enjoy.  


released July 22, 2022 

Written, programmed, sampled, chopped, distorted, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and released by HHNOI / Marco Petracca in 2022.

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