The Unspoilt Works, Vol. 1

HHNOI The Unspoilt Works

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HHNOI The Unspoilt Works

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I like to release music in a conceptual form, with a frame, a backstory, a creative arch gluing my work together. It’s how I enjoy experiencing music and how I want you to experience my work. However, once in a while creativity doesn’t fit into a concept. Music made for moments, experiments that end up as stray pieces, detached from any format, like loose ends with no beginning. It has always saddened me to hold these creative outpourings back, as some of them are worth to be discovered by you. 

“The Unspoilt Works“ Series is a way to gather all of those tracks, ideas, songs into a concept that makes it easier for me to let go of what’s loose. What you’ll hear on this and on future releases is literally unspoiled: Music that was aimlessly recorded, made in moments of unguided creativity, not being altered, edited, reworked or rearranged in any way to fit into an overall frame. It’s rough, pure, experimental, post ambient, drama, noise. Please enjoy.


released August 6, 2021 

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered by HHNOI / Marco Petracca 2021.

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