“SCRAMBLED ANTHEMS” is finally out. At least digitally (the vinyl is sadly still in production). Don’t want to spam you guys with thoughts and feelings that went into this album. However, I’m pretty proud of this one, as I feel this being my most consistent work yet. 

You can buy it as physical and digital release on Bandcamp (which I would highly appreciate, as the money is 100% supporting the label) or dream it on your spotify / Apple Music / whatever service.

Here’s the bandcamp link.

At this point the only thing that’s left for me is to thank all the people involved … most of all Rachel for supporting me and giving me the most honest feedback in the process, 

Modularfield (Markus & Stefan) and the Modularkiez-Crew (Madeleine, Ella) for helping me to manifest my music into the physical world, 

Salva Baixlaigua, who did an amazing job with the cover (you will get some insights in the next few weeks on his instagram … ) 

And most of all … YOU!

Yes, thank you. For following, sharing, supporting, listening and feeling what I do. This wouldn’t mean a thing if you guys weren’t enjoying and understanding music (in general and in this case).

I don’t know if there will be any concerts next year yet, as booking is currently a challenge, but I’m pretty sure Rachel and I will eventually present you this work live. And hopefully have a drink with some of you guys!

Though, we shouldn’t wait too long with that … CHEERS!


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