Dear Future …

Dear Future …

— you’re finally taking shape. I still can’t grasp the fact that this album will manifest in a physical form. It not only took 18 months to finish it, but an additional half year for mixing and mastering and a nail biting period of extra 6 months to be cut in vinyl (fuck you, Covid). Thinking about the fact that I wrote it in a timespan that was colored by meeting the love of my life, loosing my dear mother and getting married, I wonder if listeners will discover the emotional impact of these life turning events in those 10 tracks. Will they realize that all the broken structures, hand played beats and unexpected sounds are not only musical ideas, but merely metaphors on how life turns your expectations upside down?

Speaking of expectations: I once read that people react to music especially if a compositions meets their subconscious expectations in melodies, patterns and structure. The more these expectancies are met, the higher the emotional experience – endorphin and dopamine are results of the subconscious recognition of key elements in music, the hormones are basically a reward for having know what would have come next.

The future fucks with expectations. So does my music.

I’m nervous.

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