HHNOI & Rachel Palmer

2021 HHNOI Concerts / Gigs

Really happy to play two wonderful gigs in the last months of this weird year: October 20th, 2021HHNOI & Rachel PalmerCologne Music WeekKöln, Christuskirche Free admissionInfo: http://colognemusicweek.de November 27th, 2021HHNOI & Rachel PalmerB Wave Festival Heulten-Zolder, BelgiumInfos & Tickets:https://www.b-wave.be/blog/ December 11th, 2021HHNOI & Rachel PalmerPeter Weiss HausRostock, DeutschlandInfos & Tickets:http://peterweisshaus.de

HHNOI The Unspoilt Works

The Unspoilt Works, Vol. 1

Listen / Buy here: https://hhnoi.bandcamp.com/album/the-unspoilt-works-vol-1 Out now I like to release music in a conceptual form, with a frame, a backstory, a creative arch gluing my work together. It’s how I enjoy experiencing music and how I want you to experience my work. However, once in a while creativity doesn’t fit into a concept. Music made for moments, experiments that end up as stray pieces, detached from any format, like

Dear Future Cover

Dear Future is finally out.

Listen / Buy here:https://hhnoi.bandcamp.com/album/dear-future „Dear future“ is a conceptual invitation to put ideas of what the future is into perspective. To embrace the unexpected. To celebrate and experience the moments not as they come, but as they are. Written over 18 months that were marked by both unforeseen bitter loss and finding the most meaningful love, HHNOI’s second full length album deals with intentionally corrupting the human need to imagine,

Dear Future …

— you’re finally taking shape. I still can’t grasp the fact that this album will manifest in a physical form. It not only took 18 months to finish it, but an additional half year for mixing and mastering and a nail biting period of extra 6 months to be cut in vinyl (fuck you, Covid). Thinking about the fact that I wrote it in a timespan that was colored by

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