to hell

Mai 1, 2017
Producer: Marco Petracca
Number of discs: 1

„to hell“ is about a dark emotional landscape I sadly had to discover late 2016. For that matter, it’s an ode to everything that deserves to be in said landscape, which I meanwhile consider being my own personal hell. On the other hand, it’s a documentary of what I had to endure during that period. And what I still have to endure. 

The ride is not finished yet, as I am still traveling. It’s an extremely personal effort, filled with signature soundscapes and melodies, that evolved rather spontaneously during nightlong sort of therapeutical sessions on my modular synth. Or as other people would maybe put it: It’s the demons I let out, to send them back where they belong, to hell. 

Most of what you will hear is left untouched, except for some rough cut & paste editing regarding structure and some minor acoustic additions like stones falling on cushions, mutated ukuleles or fists beating on various furniture. But rest assured: nothing was destroyed during the making of this mini album. Nor did I lose my sanity … 

I hope you like what you hear. If yes, do me a favor and share this thing in your social networks, may it be Facebook, Instagram or whatnot – that’s the only thing I’m asking for. 




released May 1, 2017 

All tracks written, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by hhnoi / Marco Petracca, (c) 2017