Juli 6, 2018
Producer: Marco Petracca / HHNOI
Number of discs: 1

Written & Produced by Marco Petracca / HHNOI 2018. Mastering by Lopazz. Artwork by Markus „Ehrenbruder“ Scholz.

Album Info:
Kallocain is a truth serum mentioned in a dystopian novel by Swedish novelist Karin Boye, which envisions a future of terror. People are forced into feelings. I wanted to achieve that with the music. For the listener as well as for myself. Most of the tracks where composed in a moment of forced confrontation with true feelings. The result is quite genre bending, going from ambient to harsh drum and bass to Bowiesque melodies to more or less cinematic textures.

Kallocain is released digitally as well as on a limited cassette edition featuring an additional track.